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  • Seriously, what’s your problemSeriously, what’s your problem What’s the problem? In my line of work I see a lot of great new business ideas. It’s a real thrill being at the birth of something that may become truly great - though not all these ideas have what it takes. There are a couple of simple, powerful (occasionally annoying) questions that quickly show if a product or proposition is likely to get to great. A succinct answer means a […]
  • Moving forward from “why”…Moving forward from “why”… So, let’s take a minute to recap… We started down this path by looking at how decency and integrity (amongst other characteristics) create an effective restructure. That led us to Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle, where good things in change emanate from a clear understanding of the “why”. Once (and only once) you’ve established the vision of your “why” with your team, you can work […]