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  • The McMasters of BundlingThe McMasters of Bundling A bit of a family tradition at the end of the holidays is I allow the girls to choose an activity topped off with a meal at a restaurant of their choice. This is how this week played out: Me: Right girls, what do you want to do today – your choice: pools, beach, bike ride, movies, mini golf, you name it. The Girls: Parnell Pools. Me: Done, and now where should we have lunch, […]
  • Marketing Your PracticeMarketing Your Practice What we have been doing up to now has been essentially an internal process. We have examined the value chain and how to climb it. We have bundled and priced our services, and we have switched to a fixed price or value based pricing. These are all largely internal processes. Now we have to discuss how to market your practice, how to get out into the market place, and not only cement […]