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  • Five C’sFive C’s There are many ways to assess a new business opportunity, be it EBITDA ,NPV, ROI etc, with the majority of formal measures being based on financial metrics.  I learned an alternative approach as I was presenting a business case to the Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao and he had a refreshing way of quickly assessing the opportunity at a macro level.  He used to look at the opportunity […]
  • You’re better than a blunt axe and $50 offYou’re better than a blunt axe and $50 off It looks like the power companies are active in the market at the moment.  I have just had a couple of interesting calls with them.  Same industry, different company and very different approaches…. Deal One: How many times have you had this call? “Hello sir… have I caught you at a good time? I’d really love to tell you about a great offer we have for power in your […]