In case you missed it, we have recently launched a new service called Market Fit

If want you to get customer validated answers to your most difficult challenges – then we believe that this service is the best and fastest way to find your product market fit.

In shipping the service, I faced the exact same obstacle that I see time and time again with start-ups and product launches:  Perfection stops momentum.

By my own admission, I was one or two months late in launching Market Fit as I continued to fiddle on the small stuff, I wanted to get it just right.

What I learnt was the more that I fiddled the deeper down the rabbit hole I went. And the deeper you go down the rabbit hole the bigger the reason not to ship.

I spent countless hours and days making sure I was happy with the font (Raleway vs. Helvetica), or refining the logo (I changed designer mid-way through) or .co.nz vs. .co vs. .io ……… well, actually the list went on and on.

Perfectionism was just another form of procrastination 

Luckily, I remembered the big picture.

We had identified real customers with real ‘pains’ and we knew we had a solution that solved it.

I had to ship it. So I did.

With two partnerships in the offing, and four customer conversations underway my only regret is that I didn’t ship it earlier.

Validate your proposition and ship it – you have customers waiting.