The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that my email has changed.  Why is that, you ask?

The short story is I have two business email addresses, kursten@theexponential.agency and kursten@marketfit.co, and I wanted to consolidate them into one, so I chose kursten@marketfit.co, and redirect The Exponential Agency emails to kursten@marketfit.co.

The slightly longer version:

I have two brands that I operate under and each with an individual email address.

  • Market Fit: Is our SME service offering where I help SME service business grow by providing strategic marketing advice and marketing services
  • The Exponential Agency: Is our corporate bespoke strategy and marketing consultancy

Having two email addresses, mailboxes and calendars can be a pain to manage and to simplify things have consolidated the mailboxes under kursten@marketfit.co.  All emails from kursten@theexponential.agency are forwarded to kursten@marketfit.co, so I won’t miss an email or invite from you and all replies will now come from kursten@marketfit.co.

If you 20 seconds if you could update my contact details on your side to kursten@marketfit.co