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Does Marketing Have You Confused and Frustrated?

  • Are you spending more on marketing yet seeing diminishing results?
  • Are you increasingly frustrated when your marketing plans just aren’t delivering?
  • Does your team constantly ask for more money and resources but you can’t see the return and they lack accountability?

Unlock the hidden customer profits in your business

Stop leaving money on the table

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Profitable Growth

Increase frequency and size of spend from existing customers 

Create Raving Fans

Retain more customers and turn them into an invisible salesforce

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You’ll have a team and business that gives you the freedom you need

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Three-Step Process for Unlocking Customer Profits


Embed the 3R’s profit framework into your business


Identify hidden customer profits and develop an execution plan


Drive the 90 day implementation plan

At Market Fit we know you want a growing and profitable business and you want to be a successful business owner. To achieve this you need a simple and proven framework and plan to increase your customer profits. 

But most likely your current marketing doesn’t generate sustainable results and your marketing team don’t seem accountable, they continually ask for more money and resources to try the latest fad. It’s frustrating to not have a proven and reliable system on hand to guide and help you implement growth strategies will work for you.

We understand marketing has become more complex, confusing and lacks accountability. But we also believe it doesn’t need to be that hard and there are hidden customer profits that you are leaving on the table, you just need to unlock them.

Our 3R’s framework has been developed over many years of working with some NZ’s most successful companies. When applied to your business it unlocks the hidden profits that are already in your business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Embed the 3R’s framework into your business
  2. Develop an execution plan
  3. Drive the 90-day implementation plan

When working with us we guarantee we find the hidden customer profits within your business and we will help them for as long as it takes to turn the strategy into action and action into profits.

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What makes Market Fit 3Rs framework so different?

The 3R’s framework is used by some of NZ’s biggest companies and refined to work in any business

  • Repeat: Understand your existing customer base to drive product penetration, increase product purchase frequency and average purchase value
  • Retain: Gain insights into what your customers think of your business. Who are your raving fans, fair-weather friends, strangers and who are your hostages? We’ll outline the best growth strategies for each of these groups.
  • Refine: Simplify your product offering and strip out cost while still delivering to your customers.

What people are saying

Jarrod Bennett

Kursten’s coaching helped me focus on where I could achieve the greatest leverage for my business. The result has been my monthly revenue has grown by 63% in twelve months and is on track to grow by another 50% in the next twelve. That’s a game changer. Kursten challenged me from the very start of my journey, providing mentoring where it was welcomed and coaching where it was required. His simple strategies and techniques for dealing with problems helped me cut through the noise and fast-tracked business growth.

What I particularly enjoy about working with Kursten is his level of commitment to acquiring a deep level of understanding of my business, which means he’s able to tailor his coaching and support to each specific problem I face. And his commitment and energy inspires me to match it. Best of all, he’s always first to pick up the phone to celebrate wins.

Jarrod Bennett
Director, Luminate Limited

Craig Steel

Kursten has played a vital role in not only helping us understand how to attract the right customers, but secure long-term contracts that are meaningful for both parties.

Craig Steel
Principle, Steel Performance Solutions

Phill Dagger

Kursten spent time carefully understanding our business and then made several insightful recommendations about the capability gaps that we would need to fill. He then ran a thorough and highly engaging process to identify the key person we needed to help deliver our strategy and, impressively, provided ongoing coaching to ensure that the new hire embedded quickly into the business and started to deliver value quickly. An impeccable process that exceeded all expectations.

Phill Dagger
Executive Director, Indevin Group

Jason Foden

As Freeview looks to gain more viewer insight through IP-delivered content, we recognised we needed a robust data strategy. Kursten was engaged to lead our data strategy based on his experience, depth of knowledge and genuine interest in data-powered marketing strategies. Kursten led the conversation and structured approach to how our business can optimise the balance between unobtrusively gathering viewer demographics and building a deep understanding and usage of behaviour. The recommendations made by Kursten were fully endorsed and accepted by Freeview.

Jason Foden
CEO, Freeview

Ana Maria Rivera

When I first took over my role at ACG Education, leading the marketing and sales functions across a diverse set of educational businesses, I had to bring a number of different teams together with a re-defined strategy, operational model and complete overhaul of the way our teams worked to be agile and nimble and achieve our goals.

Kursten helped me define what capability and team we needed, and helped me kick start some key projects that would set up the foundation for our marketing going forward. Kursten was invaluable in providing resources and recommendations for key specialists that became critical to the success of the key transformation project. His team of highly specialised experts are professional, knowledgeable and easy to speak to (no jargon with his team. More importantly, Kursten was always available for a quick chat to bounce ideas off which I found invaluable.

Ana Maria Rivera
CMO, ACG Group

Leon Sheehan

Digital Island have ambitious plans to accelerate revenue and customer growth. We have recently been investigating how to grow multiple new sales channels and concentrate in the areas that will provide the biggest return. Kursten and his team helped us to evolve our strategic thinking and identified gaps in our approach. By better understanding our business priorities we have implemented a number of initiatives that are propelling our growth. If you are looking for a partner to help you boost your business potential I would thoroughly recommend Kursten and Market Fit.

Leon Sheehan
GM , Digital Island

  • Our ‘Fit Promise’ guarantees we find the hidden customer profits within your business.
  • And I guarantee that I’ll help them for as long as it takes to turn the strategy into action and action into profits.

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